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toBrand Women

To discover how to become a brand in your profession

Do you want to increase visibility and awareness
by creating

our Own Brand ?

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  • As a Female Entrepreneur; If you want to express yourself and the value of your work in a way that will provide a competitive advantage in your industry and reach a wider audience,

  • As a Senior Female Manager; If you want to position yourself as a thought leader or authority in your industry or field, make a difference and stand out,

  • As a white collar Female employee; If you want to reveal your strengths, be noticed by senior management, do the work that suits your potential, and advance in your career,

It is possible to

Attain the career you dream of, 

the money you deserve and

reach the audeience you want to impress 

make a difference!

To advance to the next level in your career,

Recreate your personal brand and

Get rewarded for the work you do!


Personal Brand Workshop

For women who want to learn the steps of personal branding, discover their personal brand and work on their personal brand strategy through the 3-hour workshop


Personal Brand Consultancy

For female managers and entrepreneurs who want to work long-term with a 1-1 consultant for their personal brand and increase their awareness and visibility in their business environment.


Personal Brand Acceleration Program

Live and online 2-day weekend group training program,

For women who want to stand out with their personal brand with an intense workshop

Selda Bağdat Bahadır.jpeg

Selda Bağdat Bahadır

Turkey's 50 most successful female CEOs

My service process started with consultancy to clarify my own path at a crossroads in career planning, and then we worked on identifying my personal brand values. It definitely met my expectations. The service I received benefited me the most in terms of making healthy decisions, being able to recognize my own competencies and skills as perceived from the outside, and self-confidence.

eda uslu.jpeg

Dr. Eda Uslu
Mindfulness Leader

I think the biggest contribution of the service I received was in helping me realize and understand my own worth. I have a lot of knowledge and experience that I want to share with the people, and I was always hesitant, saying to myself:  "Who am I? "What if they misunderstand, they will say, 'Is this what the big doctor is saying?'

I got that, all these hesitations were nonsense. And actually I continue to see it. As I got to know myself in the personal branding process while working with İrem, I started to realize how I felt inside and what I dreamed of doing was completely related to who I am. When I see that it is so harmonious, achieving the goals I want has almost happened automatically and easily.

Bahar Önrol.jpeg

Bahar Önderol
Leadership and Career Coach

My expectation before getting personal branding service was to be able to express myself to the target audience. The service I got went far beyond my expectations. It made me realize and believe in things about myself that would be of value to others. My consultant's attitude of both encouragement and pressure - in fact, you can do it feeling - pushed me to share sincerely and express myself. I am very pleased with what has turned out for my personal brand (far beyond my expectations :)